Does Tesla Take Trade-Ins? Trading in to Tesla Pros & Cons

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These include mileage, vehicle identification number (VIN), and photos. They’ll hand over the old car on the day their Tesla EV gets delivered. If you are looking to sell your used Tesla and are wondering if Tesla will just buy it without a trade, the answer is no. While Tesla’s trade-in policy is reasonable, Tesla is not a dealership and doesn’t want to buy your car for cash. In fact, more than 90% of the cars Tesla has accepted in trade are ICE vehicles from owners who want to switch to an EV. Flood designated vehicles are not accepted by Tesla’s trade-in program even if they are currently drivable.

  • If you’re looking to buy a Tesla and want to know how much your old vehicle will get you, you can use Tesla’s Trade-In Estimate Calculator.
  • Using a 2018 Toyota Camry LE in excellent condition with 15,000 miles for an example, Tesla made an online offer of $18,300 for the car.
  • It designs, develops, manufactures, and sells high-performance electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and solar panels.

The company plans to build more gigafactories to manufacture its electric vehicles, battery storage systems, and other sustainable energy products. Some dealerships play games with pricing when you’re car buying, hoping you won’t notice. They may try to lower the interest rate but increase the car’s price or raise the interest rate but stretch out the payment to make it seem more affordable. Offering a Tesla trade-in to these dealerships just gives them one more variable to play with in an attempt to trick you. For example, imagine you’re trading a Tesla Model S for a $52,000 BMW, Audi, or Mercedes.

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If not, you may have to roll the unpaid portion into the new car loan, leaving you with a higher payment or interest rate. The Tesla trade-in program offers many car buyers the opportunity to shave off some of the costs of owning a new or used Tesla electric vehicle. These are high in demand products because so many buyers want to take advantage of cars that do not require gasoline to operate. With costs of gas, maintenance, and negative effects on the environment, this demand is only expected to go up. It’s worth noting that they will only take one vehicle in trade per inventory purchase. Be honest and accurate when entering your car’s description in an online car buying site.

This can leave you with a small value left on your car loan. You’ll need to pay it off to release the title and have it marked as “paid in full” on your credit report. When performing a trade-in, the dealership where you’re trading your vehicle will attempt to pay off your car loan before you incur more interest charges. When trading in a used Tesla, the dealership is going to want to verify the vehicle’s condition before making a formal trade-in offer. Bring the vehicle to the dealership or dealerships where you’re considering trading it in, and get an appraisal. People all over the world are purchasing electric vehicles.

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You can trade in a vehicle even if it’s still under financing. Tesla will simply calculate and compare the payoff amount and any positive or negative equity that will be added to your purchase agreement. The Model Y was Tesla’s competitor to luxury SUVs such as Audi Q5 and BMW X5. It offers a higher than average ride height and outstanding fast acceleration from other Tesla vehicles. Compared to the Model 3, the Model Y SUV retains its value better.

trade in tesla

At your Tesla delivery appointment, bring in your car, and a Tesla staff person will look over the vehicle. Assuming everything matches up with the information you provided online, then you’ll soon be on the way with your new Tesla. In some cases, though, slow mailing systems or slow dealership processes lead to delays that result in interest accruing on your account.

Does Tesla Take Trade-Ins? Trading in to Tesla Pros & Cons

It depends on how busy the dealership is, but you can expect anywhere from 3 business days to a couple of weeks to get your offer. Tesla wants to handle your trade-in quickly because it takes up room in their facility. You can use a third-party online Tesla valuation app to estimate what Tesla will offer for your vehicle.

Tesla does not currently make dividend payments to its shareholders. The company retains 100% of its earnings and cash flow to reinvest in growing the business and its cash balance. Tesla is investing heavily to build additional gigafactories and expand its production capacity. In 2023, it unveiled an additional $3.6 billion investment to continue the expansion of Gigafactory Nevada. The company also plans to invest more than $5 billion in building a new Gigafactory in Mexico. The Motley Fool recommends using a market order since it guarantees you buy shares immediately at the market price, so you don’t miss your chance to purchase the stock.

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