Job Costing Vs Process Costing: What’s the Difference?

job costing over process costing

On the other hand, process costing is an accounting system used in manufacturing businesses to track the costs process costing of producing products. It’s important to note that process costing is not limited to manufacturing companies.

job costing over process costing

By tracking these items in real time, companies utilizing job costing can make adjustments as needed to keep projects profitable. Tracking all costs as a production cost, including non-production costs such as overhead, inflates the production price. Leaving out non-production costs, under-costs the production price. This will have a lower price, but can potentially lower a company’s profits. Cost errors- One of the drawbacks of cost accounting is that there are multiple ways costing errors may occur. Since it does not use direct allocation costing, it’s possible for non-production costs to be included.

Hybrid Systems

Client A may be of shorter and slimmer build, but want their suit made from a more luxurious and expensive material, while the taller, bulkier Client B may request a less expensive material. Client C wants a custom monogram added to their order, which adds on additional time to the total order, and therefore costs you more in wages and overhead. This is why businesses which produce heterogeneous products are better-suited to job costing as opposed to process costing. Expanding on the previous example, the prefabricated staircase manufacturer measures a home and sends the measurements to the production worker.

job costing over process costing

Job costing is each job carried out during an assignment or project. Whereas process costing is the total cost of the processes carried out in the entire project.

Head to Head Comparison Between Job Costing vs Process Costing (Infographics)

Examples of these industries are – Furniture, Interior Decoration, and Shipbuilding. The Work in Process account, increasing the value of the product or job. The Work in Process account, and the product or job now has a value. Parts inventory, including department employee wages, insurance and warehousing costs. The basic concepts and terms you learned in the management accounting lesson will carry over through this chapter and the remainder of the course. Businesses use these concepts to prepare managerial reports, and analyze their business activities. Assign prices to completed and incomplete products – Finally, you’ll have to assign prices to the finished and incomplete products.

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